We are the only service oriented organization in Sri Lanka who provide professional guidance service for prospective students or customers of  any nature who wish to pursue their higher studies, visit or work overseas. Our ‘Service First’  and ‘Make it Happen’ attitudes have developed true confidence among our successful clients  and helped us build a large customer network without  media exposure. Our success rate of students success rate remain above 100% . The only place  where students of any caliber can walk in without fear of being misled or financially cheated. Our true service towards customer satisfaction make us delight more than millions.


Dear valued client, we greatly appreciate your presence here in this website. We are happy to explore some details about our organization and our services to you with great pleasure.

E-biz was founded in 2003 as an IT solutions oriented company with its initial name E-Business & Information Solutions. The name E-biz derived from the first letters of registered name, is pronounced ‘eebiz‘.

Over the years it has developed to expand its business into Education, Travel and Consultancy services at present.

We provide total solutions for Education, migration, Visas, Business, Travel, Advertising and IT related solutions. Our panel of experienced consultants in each department include more than 15 years of experienced in the related fields.


We are leaders in providing professional, accurate up to the minute information and trusted services for students and other clients who approach us with confidence. It may be for a word of advice, a Masters Degree overseas, visiting or working abroad. We provide necessary guidance in accordance with the most current regulations. From the moment they sit in front of our reception desk until they successfully graduate or travel we always with our clients.


Most of our prospective students face huge challenge in succeeding with their right choice of experienced consultants. Our five minutes discussion with them will give them the total relief from their worries and dreams they had till then about their overseas travel for education, visit, or tourism. We are proud of the ability of our experienced staff for their positive and very supportive attitudes towards each and every clients who arrive at our office for their total satisfaction.


Every other client is a pillar of our customer network. Customers build our network with success stories. They Expand our network introducing the next client. Therefore we don’t have to do much of advertising. Our clients do the marketing for us when they are satisfied. The customers lobby at our office is always filled with smiling pleasant faces or rather jubilant crowd.

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